Poofy Flowers for BasicGrey

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My name is Amy Friend and I blog at During Quiet Time. I am a former art student and museum collections curator. Now I am a stay at home mother to three who keeps sane by printing my own fabric, sewing and otherwise creating! I recently designed this 8″ x 10″ Laurel Canvas sampler for BasicGrey using their beautiful new line of fabrics called Hello Luscious.

I’m here today to show you how to construct these poofy fabric flowers.

Begin by cutting 6 petal clusters using the petal pattern.

Thread your needle, then, coming up from the back side to hide your knot, make a circular shape with running stitches.

Pull your thread tight, gathering the fabric into a little bunch. Knot off the thread at the bottom by taking a stitch through the fabric thickness.

Repeat this step for all 6 clusters. Do not cut off your thread after knotting the last petal cluster.

Begin threading the petal clusters onto your needle, stitching through the base of each cluster as shown.

Connect the last and first petal clusters together with a stitch. Secure with several stitches through the bases of the petal clusters.

Flip your flower over, arrange the petals as you like, and you are done! Using the template I have provided, you will make a 2 1/2″ wide flower. You can shrink or enlarge the pattern on a copier to size it correctly for your project.

Because these flowers have raw edges, they are best for projects that will not be washed. They are purely decorative.

I hope you enjoy creating your floral Laurel Canvas too!