For the Love of Invisible Zippers

Amy Friendinvisible zipper6 Comments

Last year, right before Christmas, I installed my first invisible zipper. I haven’t made a single envelope closure style pillow cover since! I love, love, love invisible zippers. First off, I love the challenge of getting it as invisible as possible with just the little pull dangling off the end. Secondly, it allows me to make an 18″ pillow cover backing with just a fat quarter! And finally, I think it provides such a nice and professional looking finish.
Well, sometime between my last order of zippers from Zipit and my most recent order, Jennie started carrying invisible zippers! I have to share my excitement with you because second to my love of invisible zippers is my love of a bargain. I had been paying $2.99 for a single 12″ invisible zipper at my local big box sewing supply store. Check this out…ten 16″ invisible zippers for $8.00. That’s 80 cents per zipper! I must use at least two invisible zippers a month. This is a significant savings!