Knitting Project Bag

Amy Friendbags22 Comments

Allison has received her knitting project bag so I can share it with you now. For the second time, I cut into my Yuwa alphabet panel from Sew Fresh Fabrics. I didn’t regret cutting into it to make Penny’s library bag so I did it again! This time, I used the “Y” for “yarn.” Allison had asked me to use her favorite colors of yellow, pink, red and blue for the bag but the “Y” panel had orange and green balls of yarn. The picture was to perfect not to use so I embroidered over the print to change the yarn colors.

The front of the bag is a log cabin style block and the back is simply pieced with a solid stripe on which I stamped “knit purl.”
I find myself wondering what project Allison will use it for first!