The Plunge

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Well, I took the social media plunge. I might live to regret it. I have been avoiding Facebook for ages now but finally caved because I wanted to join Pinterest. To join Pinterest, you have to have a Facebook account. Then to top it off, Aurifil was having a contest with really great thread prizes but again, you needed a Facebook page! Since I had to set one up, my friend Vanessa told me that I should really have a During Quiet Time facebook page too. So I do. I have three followers and one of them is my husband. Care to help me up those numbers a bit? I added a “Like” button on the right hand sidebar down below my followers button. Right above that, you will see a button for following me on Pinterest. Should you choose to like me on Facebook, maybe you could go the extra mile and click on my Aurifil entry and vote? My computer geek husband is so proud.

Edited to add, the link to my facebook page is here.
I have no idea why my Facebook button isn’t showing up! I can see it at home but my husband can’t see it from work either. We will work on that.