Pretty Laminate

Amy Friendbags, laminate18 Comments

I swear that this is the prettiest laminate I have ever seen. It’s Belle Rose from the French Journal Collection by London Portfolio for Michael Miller Fabrics. Kristina sent me a strip of it as a gift and I can’t tell you how much I love it. I would like a raincoat or umbrella out of it!

I settled for a cosmetic bag. I only have two pieces of laminate besides Belle Rose and it just so happened that one of them, a laminate by Jennifer Paganelli, is a perfect coordinate. I used it for the lining so that the bag is laminate both inside and out making it a very function bag.

I did find it tricky working with laminate for both the exterior and the lining. I tried putting tape on my presser foot since I don’t have a Teflon foot but I needed to put tissue paper under the project so that it didn’t grab hold of my sewing machine. I wanted the Belle Rose on the exterior though so I could enjoy the beautiful print with the handscript but thought that a laminate lining made more sense for functional reasons. This was the end result.