Step Right Up!

Amy Friendcocorico bee, paper piecing23 Comments

I finished up my Cocorico bee block for Megan last night. She requested blocks with a carnival theme with no restrictions on size or color. Her one request was no clowns. I was sorely tempted to include one just to freak her out but I behaved myself. After all, my month in this bee has yet to come and she could get me back!
I made a ticket booth using this image as my inspiration. I was so excited to have an occasion to use my Ticket Booth in Blue from American Jane Fairy Tale Friends by Moda. I got it at Sew Fresh a number of months ago and hadn’t found the right project till now! The ticket borders make the block quite large but Megan can always choose to cut them down to one row of tickets if she wants.

My favorite part of the block is the Tickets sign. I used a Circa 1934 dot to edge the sign. The dots were evenly spaced in rows so they were just right for the lights that outline ticket booth signs. I then found a free font called “Circus” and used it as a guideline when embroidering the letters on the sign.
I hope this works for you Megan!