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If you haven’t read the post below, go there first. The Pinewood Derby was a hoot. Timothy, our cub scout, didn’t do all that well and was a bit disappointed. Then we moved on to the family race. My husband (car shown below) was racing against our six year old Lily and other brothers, sisters and parents of scouts. Mark was surprised when his police car turned out to be fast. He was counting on it being slow and trailing the other cars with its lights on. As it turned out, it was second fastest. Lily, with her pink car, completely designed and painted by herself, was the first place winner! Her car blew the others away. It was quite hysterical. People were cheering for her. Her car is pink with green on the front for grass and a pink paper barn on top (using my barn template on the sidebar). Daddy had spent all morning telling her that the race was just for fun and that there was no way she was going to win with the barn on top of her car causing drag. He wanted to make sure she wasn’t crushed when her car was slow. She got a trophy and definite bragging rights.