Ode to a Kitchen Aid Available at Sew-Ichigo

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Kerry and Penny’s first set of patterns is now available in their new Sew-Ichigo shop! It’s a lovely set of four kitchen themed designs. I was able to test this one for them. It’s called “Ode to a Kitchen Aid.” I debated long and hard over various floral prints for a fun and funky Kitchen-Aid mixer but decided that it just wasn’t “me.” Instead, I went with a clean looking block with a white Kitchen Aid with a metal bowl…just like the one sitting on my counter. I am hoping to use Penny’s Kitchen Aid cover tutorial to turn it into a cover for my mixer when time permits. This is a great little block. And it is little-just 6″. Did you think it was bigger? When I see the image, I think so too but when you think about the size of selvage dots you realize that it can’t be all that big! Here is my hint for you when looking for the perfect selvage for this project–check your novelty prints. They tend to have more colorful circles on the selvage! I’m already looking forward to seeing their next set of patterns.

Today is the day that I promised to giveaway a set of my three gardening paper pieced patterns(available here)! The lucky winner is: t.anne who said I love the little label, and especially the wood grain handle! I’ve had my eye on your gardening blocks, they’re on my wish list… so I’d love the chance to win the set!

I sent your patterns just moments ago Tiffany!