Seam Rippers in the Shop

Amy Friendetsy, seam ripper5 Comments

For the sake of my new readers, I will explain that my husband makes hand turned seam rippers on occasion for my shop. This is just a hobby for him (he has an actual day job) so they come in little batches every now and then when he can find the time. They are generally made from acrylic but this batch includes one in an exotic hardwood, as well.

They are really little objects of beauty. He prides himself in a perfectly shiny smooth surface and the blanks have gorgeous variations in colors and swirl patterns. Besides all that, the larger size fits nicely in your hand and the points are very sharp. They really do the job great, as well as looking pretty!

This time we included some colors that are a bit more masculine or could appeal to men as well as women because I know that there are some male quilters out there who have expressed interest, tailors, and a cowboy who likes to use a seam ripper to rip the seams of his jeans to fit over his boots. Who knew?

The seam rippers tend to sell out quickly. He will be ordering new supplies soon for another batch, including a new design. You can find them listed in my shop.