Art Gallery Fabrics Fat Quarter Gang

Amy FriendArt Gallery Fabrics Fat Quarter Gang26 Comments

Have you heard about the new gang in town? It’s the Art Gallery Fabrics Fat Quarter Gang! I was so excited to be invited to join.  I was first introduced to Art Gallery Fabrics when I was making my yellow and grey Lady of the Lake quilt. I was searching high and low for yellow prints that I liked and found a couple of great AGF prints.
If it were not for the lure of working with these beautiful fabrics, the hazing period might have sent me packing! They take the “Fat Quarter Gang” name quite seriously and decided that we needed gang names…and gangsta pictures! Oh my.

Watch out, we are one bad gang! I am now Amy “Stitch Rippa” Friend.  Hop over to the Art Gallery Blog to meet the rest of my gang.  They are all equally hysterical terrifying gangstas.
Many thanks to my husband who helped me make my temporary tat, picked up chain at Home Depot for my necklace, and of course crafted all those seam rippers in the first place. I think he was highly amused by the whole ordeal.