Work in Progress

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The month of March was my month in the Stash Trad bee. It’s a bee where we choose a traditional block and our bee members make that block from their stash. We specify the background color. I chose the Winged Square block and asked that Essex Natural Linen be used for the background. The center print should be primarily two colors and then each wing should be a scrappy mix of one of those colors. I have received 11 of my blocks and I made two more so far.

These are the two additional blocks that I made this week.  My camera is giving me trouble at the moment so the colors are off on this one. I used a Flea Market Fancy print in the middle in mustardy yellow and coral pink.

This one is a Jennifer Paganelli print in aqua and green with like colored wings.

This is my first bee (well this one and Cocorico–I started them at the same time). I am not sure that bees are meant for uptight people like me. I am finding it frustrating that the linen in a number of the blocks is much too light. How much does it jump out at you? I am enjoying the social aspect of the bees at least.  It’s a nice way to get to meet people.  What’s your experience with bees?