Stash Trad Bee Blocks

Amy FriendStash Trad Bee9 Comments

I have neglected to post my Stash Trad Bee blocks for a few months so I am going to share them all today.  It’s Tiffany’s turn this month and she has chosen the Crown of Thorns block.  We were asked to use Kona PFD for the background, pick a print for the center design and pick up on one of the colors for the thorns.

I made two for Tiffany because she made two for me during my month.  I really love this block design and can see me wanting to make more of them sometime.

Felicity chose the timeless Churn Dash block.  She asked us to make them scrappy and very colorful. I never use this much color all in one place so it was fun for me.

This block was made for Betsy.  It’s called the Radiant Ring.  She asked us to chose cool or warm.  I went with cool. 

I really enjoy making these blocks each month, so much so that they are usually the first thing checked off my list each month.