Cheater Screen Printing with Sizzix

Amy Friendhandprinted fabric, screenprinting, silkscreen, Sizzix24 Comments

I’m happy to help celebrate Eileen Hull with Sizzix today!  Her Doily Lace Medallion Die inspired my project. I am using it here in combination with Scrappy Cat’s Vintage Doily Die to demonstrate an easy method of screen printing your own fabric!

I gathered my supplies–a screen (I used a Yudu screen but you can use any silk screen), contact paper, my Big Shot and the two dies.  I cut several doilies out of the contact paper.

After I had an assortment of doilies, I taped off the edges of my silkscreen (with clear packing tape).  Then I peeled off the backing of the contact paper doilies and arranged them on my screen.

I then used the screen to print prewashed white Essex linen with a variety of ink colors.  I use Yudu inks as well as Versatex inks when I print on fabric.  I couldn’t take pictures of this process, not being a super woman who can photograph while inking!

This method of screen printing results in a screen that is somewhat temporary.  However, I was able to wash the screen three times and print a number of pieces of fabric in three colors of ink before the contact paper started lifting on me.  That’s not bad for skipping the entire emulsion stage!  The emulsion stage is the most complicated part of screen printing because you should work in a dark room, need to get the right thickness of emulsion on your screen, time the burning stage right, etc.

This method is very straightforward.  You still have to practice a bit to get the right amount of ink on your screen and to apply the right amount of pressure while printing but it is a great beginner screen printing project.  The last step is heat setting your fabric with an iron.

So there you have it, cheater screen printing with your Sizzix! To check out the rest of the Design Team member’s projects, click here. I think you just might find an Eileen Hull giveaway too!