New York Beauty Complete

Amy Friendnew york beauty, paper piecing, quilting36 Comments

It’s done!  My New York Beauty variation is complete.  It measures just under 45″ square.  I drafted my own patterns for each arc because I wanted to vary the lengths and widths of the points within the arcs.  I haven’t seen that done before with a NYB block, not to say that it hasn’t been done.  I thought it would be a unique approach to the traditional block.

I used white for the background of all the arcs but used black and white prints within some of the blocks for the center quarter circles and the outer arcs.

The New York Beauty blocks are framed with an Ebony Grunge border.  The outer border was also paper pieced and hand drafted so that each point varied in height and width, as they do within the arcs.  The corner blocks are small Drunkard’s Path blocks.

This photo shows the quilting the best.  I quilted the center of the quilt with concentric circles in white thread. The Grunge border is quilted with straight lines, 1/4″ apart, in black thread.  I echo quilted the triangles in the outer border.

The backing is pieced with all black and white prints because I wanted my bobbin threads to match my top threads which meant that both black and white threads would be showing on the back. They blend really well this way.  I used black Heath for the binding.

Although this picture shows only a corner of the quilt, it’s my favorite image!