Hope Chest by Blend Fabrics

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I recently got to play with some Hope Chest by Josephine Kimberling courtesy of Blend, a new licensing division of Anna Griffin Inc.  I am sure that many of you are already familiar with their recent Crabtastic line. Hope Chest is a beautiful collection, described as uniting “the hopeless romantic with a dash of modern style.” Perfect, I say as I love both romantic and modern!
Above, Penny is modeling a sample dress that I made for Blend using Chic Wallflower Turquoise, Flower Bed White and Geometric Crochet Citron.  I used a favorite pattern of mine, Simplicity 2171.  It’s such a simple pattern but is so functional and adorable.

I like how it allowed me to combine three fabric from the line too, with the addition of the little apron in the front.

The girls’ matching dresses are made of Floral Blue, Chic Wallflower Pink, and Cross-Stitch Rose White.  I have to admit to being partial to the cross stitch print. I think it has so many possibilities!  I am glad that I have some scraps left to play with.

Before sewing clothing, I always wash and dry my material using the same conditions that I will once the garments are worn. In my house, that means a cold wash and dry on low heat. These fabrics came out of the wash so soft!  They really have a nice drape to them so they are great for clothing not only quilting.  The girls’ got so many compliments on their dresses at church this Sunday. I think I must have told them a half dozen times each how pretty they looked too!