Lowell Quilt Festival

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The Boston Modern Quilt Guild’s show just wrapped up this afternoon at Appleton Mills in Lowell, MA.  The show was affiliated with the Lowell Quilt Show but off site.  People could take the shuttle over to see it and many did!  As you can see from the shot above, the gallery space was just beautiful.  It’s a renovated mill building.  Lowell was America’s largest textile center in the nineteenth century so it is fitting to have a quilt show in one of the old mill buildings.  
I was asked by my blog readers to take lots of pictures and I have to tell you that I failed miserably!  I helped for a couple hours on set up day.  Because I am so darn short, I couldn’t hang the quilts but I assembled all those upright pieces.  I was busy and my hands were really greasy and I didn’t get any pictures.  I planned to take them at the opening reception.  I brought my camera, but without a memory card!  So, no pictures.  When I went back today right before break down, I discovered that breakdown had started a little early.  So I just have a few shots and do not have all the artists’ names.  

This is my modern New York Beauty but you have seen it before.

This is the right hand side of the hall.  I know that the first quilt is called “Black, White and Read All Over” by Linda Wolyniek.

This is a sampler quilt by Jane Fitz.

This quilt got a lot of attention from my kids because it has sparkles all over it.  It’s by Jen who managed to get some better pictures of the show so click over to her blog. She also has pictures of the challenge quilts and her newest finish that was also in the show.

I didn’t get names for these two quilts…leave me a comment if one is yours and I will add the information. Just in….Stephanie Harrison made the quilt in the right and it is called “Tissue Paper Petals.”

This is Flight by Alexis. She blogged about this quilt here.  I really love this one.

I unfortunately do not have pictures of the rest of the show!  I know. It’s quite pathetic!  I would suggest checking the Boston Modern Quilt Guild blog and perhaps some pictures will be shared there soon.

There were lots of lovely quilts and I think that the show was well received.  I nice couple who were admiring my quilt chatted with me a bit and they told me that they preferred our show over the main show!  She was older and not very aware of the modern quilting movement but found these quilts much more interesting than the traditional quilts shown at the main show.

I was told that one of my blog readers from Australia stopped by the show.  I’d love to know who you are!  Leave a comment!