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Today is the day to announce the top 10 finalists for the Texting while Sewing contest.  It was so very hard to limit my choice to 10 blocks.  I tried very hard to focus on the crux of the matter, did the block use text fabrics creatively?  I tried to imagine the block without the text fabrics to see if the text fabrics contributed greatly to the block or if it would have been as successful without them.  A couple of my favorite block designs didn’t make it because the use of text in those blocks isn’t as creative as others even though their block designs are spectacular.  It was hard.  
So, here we go.  These are the top 10 blocks, in the order that they were entered.  Kerry and Ayumi are at work deciding on the top 3 winners.  I am feeling badly for them at the moment!
Congratulations to:

Texting While Sewing Challenge
Thank you very much to everyone who spent time sweating over their block designs (quite literally this summer!) in order to enter this contest. I loved seeing all the entries and meeting some new readers of my blog.  All the entries were really so good!