Stringed Star-Stash Trad Bee

Amy FriendStash Trad Bee8 Comments

For the Stash Trad Bee this month, Corey chose a stringed star with an inner ring of a solid color.  The tutorial is available here.  I enjoyed picking out fabrics in Corey’s colors though I found that I had very few true yellows and more mustards in my collection (I’ll have to fix that!).  She asked for a Kona Snow background and strings in  aqua, coral, green, grey/taupe, and yellow.  I threw in a little text fabric because it happened to be yellow and I know that Corey likes text fabrics too!

I have to admit that this block gave me a run for my money.  I precut triangles of Kona Snow as Corey instructed for the background but had a hard time getting them to line up just right.  I finally cut big triangles and trimmed them down and it went together easily once I did that.  I am pretty certain that the directions were not at fault-it was just me!