Beam N Read Winner!

Amy Friendgiveaway8 Comments

It was just plain silly of me to think that I would be able to choose the most touching entry in the Beam N Read giveaway!  There were so many deserving recipients!  I narrowed it down to the top 10 entries, wrote their names on slips of paper, and had my cute little assistant draw the winner.  
And the winner is…Kylie!  Kylie wrote:
I would give this to my darling Gran who recently moved into a nursing home. She is a lifelong crafter, always sewing, crocheting and knitting and also an avid reader. She had the most beautiful garden at her home that she misses desperately and I doubt I would be so in love with crafting, reading and gardening without her influence. She has a problem with her spine that affects her feet and legs putting her at high risk for falls. She needs to wait for someone to be with her before she can get out of bed or her chair so she spends a lot of time in them. For someone who has been so active and independant this is very heartbreaking and frustrating for her. And of course, at 95 the eyesight is failing. She lamented to me recently how hard she finds it to thread a needle these days. Anything to help her carry on creating and reading as long as possible would make her very happy 🙂