Seam Ripper Necklaces

Amy Friendetsy, seam ripper5 Comments

If you are new to my blog, you might not know that my husband makes these beautiful hand turned seam rippers from colorful acrylic (yes, you can turn acrylic too, not just wood!).  He turns them on an old Craftsman lathe in our barn in the evenings.  Today we have a batch of necklace-style seam rippers for sale in my Etsy shop.  Unfortunately, there will be no custom orders between now and Christmas.  What you see is all we have available in the necklace style.  
You will notice that the blanks are turned in different designs.  Some have chrome hardware and others have satin chrome. They are each truly unique and would make a beautiful gift.  I think that they would be just the thing to bring to a retreat or QuiltCon!
We will have hand held seam rippers available in a limited number in about a week.
For more information on the necklace seam rippers including pictures of how they disconnect from the chain, please consult this post.
If you’d like to shop, click here!