Cocorico Bee Blocks

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I haven’t shared the blocks I received from my year in the Cocorico Bee.  When it was my turn, I requested blocks with an Art Studio theme.  I love the variety of blocks that I received.  I now need to challenge myself to create at least one block of my own to add to the quilt and then assemble these blocks into a quilt!  They are not all the same size so it will involve some creative sashing but they look remarkably good together color wise don’t they?  It’s astonishing how easily they will all meld together.  I feel very lucky and grateful for all the time and effort that I know was required to make each of these blocks and look forward to making a quilt with them this year. 
Thank you to: 

Top Left:  Sewing Studio by Charise
Top Center:  ART by Leila
Top Right:  Mannequin by Krista
Second Row Left:  Drafting Tools by Lauree
Second Row Center:  Paints by Tamiko
Second Row Right:  Easel by Erin
Third Row Left:  Easel by Kylie
Third Row Right:  Paint Jars by Muriel
Bottom Row Left: Calligraphy Pen by Megan
Bottom Center:  Watercolors by Kerry
Bottom Right: Pottery Studio by Melinda

Here is a collage of the blocks that I made for my bee members in the Cocorico Bee this year.  This bee was a huge commitment of time and creative energy but I really enjoyed it!

Any ideas for my block for the Art Studio quilt?  I am thinking of perhaps something Printmaking related but am open to ideas.  I might also create some space fillers like a long brush to make a rectangular block turn square with a little sashing in order to fit everything together.