Voile Scarves

Amy Friendapparel, voile11 Comments

I needed a birthday gift for a friend and decided on a voile scarf. I ordered the kit from Anna Maria Horner’s shop because she sells the two coordinating cuts in the full length necessary for a scarf.  You can find them here.

I’ve been wanting to make one for awhile so I made a very happy unbirthday scarf for myself too.  I chose the colors on the left for my friend.  I had already ironed the scarf all nicely for wrapping before I thought to take a picture so I didn’t want to wind it all up!  The one that is knotted up is mine.  I loved all the fabric combinations and couldn’t decide which I would prefer so my husband picked that one.  I’m pleased with his choice.

If you are thinking of making one, I would suggest fairly heavy pinning (I did every 3 or so inches) and this is a great time to use a walking foot.  They are not just for quilting!  They are great to use when you have slippery material or material that you don’t want shifting. I also used it for the edge-stitching to avoid a wavy edge.  Worked like a charm.