Double Asbury Twist Tutorial and Giveaway!

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Today I am happy to be helping Andover Fabrics spread the news that Thomas Knauer’s line Asbury is now available in stores.  I decided to make two skirts, one for each of my girls.
In keeping with the amusement part theme, I thought we would take a little roadtrip to York, Maine for a photoshoot outside the Fun O Rama.  As it turns out, the Fun O Rama isn’t so fun when it is completely freezing out.  

The girls were great sports about it though.  And the day was saved by a stop for lunch at a great pizza place.  The skirt for my youngest is about a size 3T.  My older daughter’s skirt is about a size 8.  

I used the same method for calculating the size of the pattern pieces for both skirts based on my daughters’ measurements.  I will share briefly how I did it in case you’d like to do the same.

First, you need to take two measurements-the waist and the waist to knee.  All other measurements are based off of those.  
Waistband:  Cut two. 3 1/2″ h x waist measurement (add seam allowances)
Front Panel on Skirt Front:  Cut one.  The width is the waist measurement divided by three, plus the seam allowance.  The length is the desired skirt length minus 3″ for the size 3T, minus 4″ for the size 8, plus the seam allowance.
Side Panels on Skirt Front:  Cut two the same as the Front Panel.
Back of Skirt:  Cut one.  The width is equal to the waist measurement and the length is the same as the Front Panel (add seam allowances)
Ruffle:  Cut two.  The height of the ruffle for the 3T should be 2 1/2″, for the 8 it should be 3 1/2″.  The width of the ruffle is one and a half times the waist measurement.  Add seam allowances but hem is already included in calculation.

Both skirts use a 1″ wide elastic, cut the the waist measurement plus one inch. (Look at that, kids can find fun anywhere!)

As you can see, I chose the text print for the front panel of the skirt because it is, not surprisingly, my favorite print.  The girls loved the icecream cones so the side panels and back of the skirt use that print.  The ruffle is made with one of the coordinating prints. 

I used another one of the coordinates for the waistband. The waistband casing is sewn with a 1/2″ ruffle at the top of the elastic for added interest.

My youngest daughter’s skirt is sewn using the same fabrics but in the green/purple colors.  The ruffle is finished with a 1/4″ hem at the bottom.  
If you are familiar with sewing skirts, those measurements should allow you to whip up some of these yourself.
If you’d like to sew with Asbury, Sew Fresh Fabrics has some in stock now. I can see so many fun summer project made from this line.
If you’d like to win a charm pack of Asbury, leave a comment here. I will draw a few winners on Sunday. 
Giveaway is now closed.  Lucky winners are:
I love this fabric! I love the skirts you made. How fun to take that trip for photos. The photos are amazing. I love the one where one is facing forward and the other looking the other way. So cute! Thanks for the tutorial and giveaway!

Heheh….I think I might make one for may 25 yr old!:)

Umm….got enough PB&J, bread and toiletpaper? Stay warm and safe!:)

The girls looks adorable! Does your oldest daughter mind dressing in the same style as the youngest. My nieces are coming from Europe, ages 6 and 8, and this might be something I can make them when they come. How much time did it take you to make it?