February Break Sewing

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This post could also be titled “Not at Quilt Con.”  I found myself wishing that I was at Quilt Con a number of times today but how could I go?  Here in MA, it’s February vacation week which means that I am home entertaining all three kiddos.  It also means that any sewing that is getting done is for the kids since that’s pretty much the only way they will accept it!
We were shopping yesterday and I saw the name of a fabric on the end of the bold and it said “Unicorn Land by Tina Givens.”  It’s an older print and I wasn’t familiar with it but I have a 7 year old daughter so if something says “unicorn,” I take a look.  As soon as I pulled it out, Lily was by my side requesting a skirt.  So, here is today’s project!  Actually, it only got prewashed during daylight hours. I just made it tonight and will leave it in her bedroom to surprise her in the morning.  I can hardly wait to see which patterned kneesocks she pairs it with.  It should be eye-catching…

Normally, I just take whatever thread I have on a hand sewing needle in my pincushion and hand stitch a big “X” inside the waistband to mark the back of homemade skirts and pants. I don’t know why it has taken me this long to do something cuter.  Today I used a piece of matching twill tape. I know that Lily will notice it right away.
The skirt is completely straight forward and simple.  The only “extra” is the ruffle at the top of the elastic casing.  And I matched the print on the side of the skirt.  That’s it for the next few days probably, unless Lily spies some more fabric with her name on it.