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I’m back with another installment of “what my husband has been making instead of hand turned seam rippers for my shop.”  Don’t get me wrong though, I am not complaining. He’s been making me a little Valentine’s Day gift. 
Four years ago he started what has become a tradition.  He made me the heart shaped wooden box in the foreground.  The next year, he made the button box on the top of the stack with the inlay heart.  Last year, he made the little box on the bottom with acrylic inlay (left over from seam rippers).  It is fitted inside with a curved wooden piece for holding two of my seam rippers.  This year, I received the box in the center.

He was inspired by a hope chest he saw in a magazine, made by a father for his daughter when she got married. It had dovetails down the side in the shape of hearts. He decided to try it but on this insanely small scale. Those “lovetails,” as he is calling them, are only about a quarter inch wide. 

I wonder what my box will look like next year?