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I’m trying something new today. I thought I would walk you through a complex quilt block, step by step, using pieces cut from your Sizzix dies.  This block is called Enigma and it used three basic dies that you may well have in your collection.  You will need to cut the following:
From a dark print:  Cut 4 parallelograms 
From a dark print (the same or different as seen here): Cut 4 quarter square triangles 
From a light print: Cut 4 half square triangles 
From a light print (the same or different as seen here): Cut 8 half square triangles
Once you have your pieces cut, it’s time to begin assembling the block.  The block is made of four quadrants.  I will show step by step images for the lower right quadrant of the block above.  Each quarter is assembled in the same manner.
Lay your pieces out as desired using my block to help you with proper placement.
Start by sewing one quarter square triangle to the long side of one parallelogram.
Press your seam and stitch the other quarter square triangle in the same manner.  Set this unit aside.
Next, sew one half square triangle to one short side of the quarter square triangle.
Press your seam open and attach the other half square triangle to the other side of the quarter square triangle.
You should have two units that look like those above.  Now, with right sides together stitch the seam between the two units. 
The result is a quarter of the block as seen above.  Following my block for fabric placement, create three more quarters.
Finally, simply sew the top quarters together, then the bottom quarters, and then stitch the center seam.  Take care to match your points.
The result is a 8″ finished block that really appears to be tricky and yet, with the help of perfectly die cut pieces, was completely manageable.
I haven’t decided what to make with my block yet.  Here is a quick mock up of a quilt made with a number of these blocks.  I am thinking of some sort of sampler of blocks made with these dies.  If there is interest, perhaps I can share a different block each month or bimonthly.  Does this appeal to the quilters out there?  Let me know in the comments!