Hardwood Seam Rippers in the Shop

Amy Friendetsy, seam ripper12 Comments

My husband finally found the time to turn another batch of seam rippers.  I just listed 8 hand turned hardwood seam rippers in my Etsy shop. I wish you could see the beautiful wood grain in person and feel how smooth they are.  They are quite pretty!


We have not been able to accept custom orders since before Christmas due to our busy schedules.  My husband is now ready to take orders through Sunday evening.  On Sunday night, he will place an order for the acrylic and hardwood blanks necessary for the custom orders as well as a bunch of others that will be listed in the shop in the next few months.
If you would like to place a custom order, hand held seam rippers are $30 apiece. 
Necklace seam rippers, on chrome or satin chrome chains are $37.50 each.
To see what color blanks he is able to order, you can look in my seam ripper Flickr folder or ask and I can get as close a match to the color you request as possible.  Remember that there are natural variations in both the wood and acrylic blanks.
We won’t accept any custom orders past Sunday night until we are ready to order supplies again.  Please just email me or send me an Etsy convo. if you would like to place a custom order.
Thank you for your continued support of our venture!