Fun and Games Props

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Today I’d like to share a quick and easy craft that is sure to result in smiles and some silly photo shoots for the family or with party guests.
Today’s sewing project is inspired by all the great paper crafting that has been happening this week using Carnival King.  The first picture in the second row, called Fun and Games, was the direct inspiration for these props.

After cutting out your paper pattern pieces, cut a piece of StitchnSew and two pieces of felt roughly to size.  Cover your work surface or head out to the driveway and spray SpraynBond to both sides of the StitchnSew and apply the felt.
Hold your paper pattern on top and cut out your shape.  If it’s hard to hold the paper and cut, you can outline your shape with a chalk pencil.

Next, stitch around the edges leaving a 1/4″-1/2″ opening in the bottom center.  Cut a standard 36″ dowel into three segments, each 12″ long.  Cover the tip of the dowel in glue and insert it into the opening.

Then go ahead and be silly!
You know, mustaches are all the rage!
Thanks for visiting today. I hope you’ll have fun whipping up a batch of these for your next party!