Important News about to Boston with Love

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I hope you are all aware of the “to Boston with Love” collaborative effort of makers to bring peace and love from far and wide to the city of Boston. It was conceived by Berene of the VMQG.  All the details on how to participate are on their website here.

My part in this project is to act as the local MA coordinator.  I have obtained a PO box to receive the flags and that address is included in the post above.

I have been in talks with a very prestigious Boston institution and we are close to getting the go ahead to exhibit our flags at that location.  Here is the catch!  The flags will need to be received a bit earlier.  I need all the flags here to me by May 21st.  We may be able to add a batch of late flags at a later date but to be included in the grand opening of “to Boston with Love” I need all the flags by May 21st.  This would allow them to be a part of a very special Memorial Day celebration.

You were all so great about spreading the word about the flags, if you could also spread the word about the deadline change, I would appreciate it!  If you could spend a little time making your flags this weekend and then sending them out on Monday, we should be all set!

I hope you are all as excited as I am because this effort is becoming more than I could have ever imagined it to be!