to Boston with Love

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I don’t live in Boston.  I live about 45 min. north of the city.  However, like all of those who live in the Boston suburbs, Boston is my city. It’s where we went as a family at Christmas to see the tree light up at Quincy Market, it’s where I saw the Nutcracker as a child, I researched at the MFA as a graduate student, my husband and I purchased our wedding rings in Downtown Crossing.  My mother and husband both worked in Cambridge in the very recent past.  Certainly the events were close enough to home to put us all on edge this past week. 

I was very touched when Berene of Happy Sew Lucky (a very talented lady I must say), contacted me early this week to ask if I would help her.  She had a vision of creating flags tied together as bunting sent from around the world as a gift to Bostonians.  I agreed to help.  My small part is to find a location for the flags in Boston and to receive the flags. 

If you’d like to help Berene with her efforts, her tutorial and all the details can be found on the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild blog.  I look forward to sharing pictures of the flags flying in the city sometime this summer.

Thank you Berene and the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild!