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I have to say that this has been a very happy mail week for me which is a wonderful thing because like everyone else, I needed a little bit of happiness this week. 
I am a fan of Heather Ross’ fabric designs but till now, they have been so pricey that I haven’t bought many of them. Those that I have bought, sit in a pretty stack because it’s hard to cut into them for the same reason.  So, I am delighted about the fact that Heather Ross has teamed up with Windham Fabrics to produce her newest collection of quilting cottons.  It’s such a good thing for all of us!  

I love this Briar Rose collection.  Not only are the prints adorable but the colors are so cheerful too.  Something about the combination of those floral prints and the colors, remind me of my nightgowns and summer dresses as a child. 

Briar Rose will be available in July.  Along with the cotton prints, there will be four jersey prints.  They might drive me to finally purchase a serger.  I do have two little girls to dress after all, right?

Windham also shared this layer cake of Collage with me.  It was designed by Carrie Bloomston and is also due to arrive in stores in July. I love text fabrics so it will come as no surprise that I am particularly fond of the text prints in this collection.
I’m looking forward to sewing with both collection but don’t have a plan yet.  I do know that I don’t want to cut up the Heather Ross charms because I don’t want to cut into a little bee or frog.  I think I could cut up Collage though, because I believe that’s what the designer herself would do!