Windmill Star: Mini Series 1, Block 3

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I’m continuing on with my mini series of parallelogram focused blocks using Sizzix dies today.  Block 3 is the Windmill Star.  If you missed my earlier posts and want to quilt along with me you can find my previous posts here:

Mini Series 1, Block 1 Enigma

To create this 8″ block, you will  need to cut:
From a dark print:  Cut 4 parallelograms , Cut 8 half square triangles
From a light print: Cut 4 parallelograms , Cut 8 half square triangles
As with the other two blocks, this block is composed of 4 identical parts.  I will walk you through the steps to create the upper left quadrant.  Arrange your pieces as in the image above. 

Pick up the HST units that touch the long sides of the parallelograms and place them on top of the parallelograms, right sides together and bring them to your machine.  Stitch 1/4″ seams.  Iron the seam allowances toward the darker fabrics.

Once those seams are pressed, you are left with this.  

Now, take the remaining HST and place them right sides together with the sewn sections and stitch.  Again, iron toward the darker fabric.

You will have two mirror sections to join at the diagonal.

Because we pressed our seams toward the darker fabric, the seam allowances in the center nest nicely.  I put one pin there just to keep them in place and then stitched.

Iron the diagonal seam allowance out flat.

This is what one quadrant looks like from the back. I just wanted you to see how the direction of the seam allowances works really nicely and keeps your block flat.

Create 4 identical units and lay them out as above.  Stitch the top two blocks together at the center seam.  Do the same for the bottom two blocks. I ironed those seam allowances in opposite directions.  Then seam the top and bottom half together.

And there you have your completed Windmill Star.

Here are the first 3 blocks in the parallelogram mini series. I am liking them on point, how about you?