Ribbons: Mini Series 1, Block 5

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Today I am sharing my last block in a series of five blocks based on the Sizzix parallelogram die.
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Today’s block is called Ribbons.  Let’s get started!

From a dark print:  Cut 4 half square triangles
From a light print:  Cut 12 half square triangles
Cut 8 parallelograms — 4 from one print and 4 from another

Lay out your block as shown in the image above.

As with the other blocks in this series, each quarter is constructed in the same way.  Just consult the first diagram for fabric placement within each quadrant.  I’ll walk you through the construction of the upper left corner. 

To begin, place your dark half square triangle, right sides together with the parallelogram and stitch a 1/4″ seam.

With right sides together, attach the light colored half square triangle to the bottom of the same parallelogram. 

Moving to the other half of this quarter, place the light colored half square triangle right side down on top of the parallelogram and stitch. 

Then attach the remaining half square triangle to the lower edge of the parallelogram.
You then have two completed halves and need to join them at the center.  I found it best to iron all the seams from the ivory colored parallelograms up and all the seams on the peach colored parallelograms down.  Then things nested nicely.  (Please note that this image shows all the seams ironed up but I changed that before continuing.)


You will complete all four quadrants in a similar manner.
Once you have done that, it is time to sew the quadrants together.
I am sharing this image of the back of my block so that you can see how well the seams nest if you plan ahead!
Now you have completed your fifth parallelogram based block finishing at 8.”
The fabrics I used for this block are:
BasicGrey (out of print)
I plan to give you some time to catch up if you are sewing along with me.  I have some projects using new Sizzix dies about to be released at Quilt Market to show you over the next few weeks and then I will come back to finish up this project.  I want to create a modern setting for these traditional blocks.  And yes, they will be on point!
If you are sewing along, please share pictures of your blocks in my During Quiet Time Flickr Group and the Sizzix Flickr Group as well!