To Boston with Love Installation Complete!

Amy FriendTo Boston With Love45 Comments

I hope you aren’t sick of all the To Boston with Love stuff but honestly, it’s all that’s been happening here this week.  Also, so many people participated and asked to see pictures hoping to catch a glimpse of their flags that I feel duty bound to share! 
Berene had the fabulous idea of videotaping the display so you could get a sense of the space.  Click the video above to see the installation in the Shapiro Courtyard at the MFA, Boston.

This signage went up today.

Here are some pictures of the finished installation, all 1756 flags.  That’s right, 1756!  Our goal was 1000.  Way to go quilters of the world!

I love the way that the flags reflect in the glass windows so that the appear to go on and on.

For these last two pictures as well as the video, Dave, the wonderful facilities staff person at the museum, took Berene and I up as high as his lift would go.  It made for awesome one of a kind pictures.

Here we are at the end of the day today.  I think we are both exhausted but so happy to see our vision realized.  It’s pretty amazing.