To Boston with Love Installation

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I can hardly believe it.  Just about a month ago, Berene first contacted me asking me to help her with the To Boston with Love project.  In that month, I contacted the Museum of Fine Arts and asked them to host the exhibit and they agreed.  I opened hundreds of packages and photographed flags daily, receiving approximately 1200 flags to the post office box I set up. Berene received a few hundred flags from guilds in Canada, and the MFA received more bringing our working total to somewhere around 1600 flags.  Berene spent hours communicating with modern quilt guilds.  We both logged flags on a shared spread sheet.  Berene and I got to know each other through daily emails and one Skype session.  Media interviews have been conducted and you can see some of them here:
 Berene made travel arrangements, got her Passport taken care of, and traveled to Boston.  We met!  She visited with my family yesterday.  And today, we helped install the exhibit! 

Here is Berene hanging flags with Dave, a very patient member of the MFA staff, who allowed Berene and I to take turns helping him hang the flags.

Here is Berene being interviewed for the news tonight. I think all the local tv stations came to the museum for interviews today, plus WBZ radio.
Here is a shot of me that Berene took as I waited to hand up some more flags. 

Here are some glimpses of the flags hanging in the Shapiro courtyard.  About two thirds of them are hanging and the rest will be hung tomorrow morning.  They bring so much color and life to the room and the visitors were fascinated by them.  They complimented them and they felt so loved.

I’ll share more pictures of the display when it is complete.  Remember, if you are local, the MFA will be free this Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  The exhibit will be hanging until July 7th.
Many thanks to all who sent flags.  Without your efforts, none of this would have been possible.  And thank you to the fantastic staff at the Museum of Fine Arts.