X Marks the Spot

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The arrangement of blocks in this finished quilt is an X so I am calling it X Marks the Spot for a lack of a better name! 

If you have been following along over the past couple of months, I have been sharing tutorials focusing on the Sizzix parallelogram die.

To see the tutorials for each block, click the links below:

Mini Series 1, Block 1 Enigma

Mini Series 1, Block 3 Windmill Star

Mini Series 1, Block 4 Double Z

Mini Series 1, Block 5 Ribbons

When I last wrote about the quilt, I said that the blocks would be on point and in a modern layout.


First I decided on the placement of the 5 blocks.  I cut cornerstones using the 2 1/2″ square die and sashing using the 2 1/2″ strip die.  I cut the squares of background fabric to equal the finished size of the pieced blocks. 

After piecing, I turned the square on point to make an “X.” (Sorry for the odd color but the sun was strong when I was working on this part!)

I added one more border with corner stones on the tips for a bit of added color.  This border finished the black sashing around each block too in order to really make the black pop.  I then free pieced the backing by cutting triangles a bit longer than each side of the square and piecing them together then squaring up the quilt top.

I quilted in a grid with my lines about 2″ apart.
The backing is a length of black crosshatch pieced with a band of the background material in order to make it wide enough.  I used the peach colored fabric to make a scrappy binding.
My finished quilt measures 45″ x 51 1/2″.  The majority of fabrics used in the blocks for this quilt can be found at Sew Me A Song.  The backing fabric was from Marmalade Fabrics and the background fabric is from Fabric.com.
I hope you have enjoyed this quilt along!