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Studio Spotlight 1

Jennifer from Ellison Lane and Heather from The Sewing Loft invited me to be a part of their series called Studio Spotlight.  They’re spotlighting creative sewing spaces all week so be sure to stop by and check them all out. There’s a link party for everyone to showcase their sewing space too with great prizes August 16-23. I’m here today to share with you my sewing space!

I sew in our sunroom.  It’s a small room that joins our dining room with French doors.  I love that it is downstairs and close to all of the household action.  I love all the light coming in from the three walls of windows.  But it presents a definite storage problem due to the lack of walls against which bookshelves and other shelving could be placed.  Last summer we bought the big red hutch that you see above and it holds all my fabric in the top, felt, Sizzix dies and batting scraps in the bottom.  My husband made me a design wall this past winter that I can slide behind the hutch when I am not using it, or pull it out as seen here (nearly completely covering the exit into the dining room).

Studio Spotlight 2

I am well organized but not particularly neat.  This is how my fabric looks with no neatening up for you.  It’s somewhat rainbow order on the top shelf and then there are other categories, Anna Maria Horner has her own sliding stack, and there are two stacks of text and Japanese prints on the bottom lower left.  Solids are all found in the lower right.  I am not the type who wraps fabric around comic book backer boards. If I did that, I’d never actually sew.  I need a stash that I can see and find but not worry about messing things up or I could never be productive!

Studio Spotlight 3

Moving on down the wall, you will see my sewing machine. I use a sewing machine table that used to belong to my grandmother who was an amazing seamstress. I like that because it reminds me of her everyday.

Studio Spotlight 4

Here’s my sewing machine. I sew on a Janome Memory Craft 6600.  It has served me well. I love the wide throat and the dual action walking foot.  My chief complaint is the quilting guide that can be inserted into the walking foot.  It moves around too much because the slot is easily bent while moving a quilt around underneath it. It would work better with some sort of screw to tighten it in place.

Studio Spotlight 5

Here is what is left of my one and only wall!  I have it pretty much filled with thread racks.  My bulletin board is covered with a bit of this and that.  My husband made the ribbon holders for me that are on the shelf above.

Studio Spotlight 6

My cutting table is an antique handmedown with a metal top that would have been used in a kitchen.  It’s drawers and cabinet space help with storage.  I also keep my Sizzix Big Shot here because it is too heavy to be moving around.

Studio Spotlight 7


This little hutch holds my interfacing, adhesives, laminated fabrics, and Christmas fabrics.  My husband likes orchids so his collection lives on top.  I stacked a couple of wooden crates next to it to hold more Sizzix dies and my Big Shot sits on top when I am not using it.

Studio Spotlight 8

One of my favorite things about my space is the view from  the windows.  Right outside is my garden and I love gardening just about as much as I love sewing.

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