The Making of a Rainbow

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Rainbow Costume 1

Maybe some of you share my predicament.  Our children are asked to bring their Halloween costumes to school for a Halloween parade.  Like me, you are left wondering what costume you can send that can be packed into a backpack without getting ruined before Trick or Treat.  This year, I think our plan really works!

Rainbow Costume 2

Lily decided to be a rainbow. I loved the idea.  Her skirt is made from 3 1/2″ strips of Kona from Marmalade Fabrics. I used Red, Torch, Sunny, Peapod, Copen and Purple.

Rainbow Costume 3

We decided to make her top the blue sky with some fair weather clouds. I used a sweatshirt because Trick or Treat in New England is chilly! She can layer under there as well.  I had fun making the clouds cutesy!  You can read more about the applique on the Therm O Web blog today. I wrote up a brief tutorial for you.  Her cuffs were also dipped in fluffy clouds (white fur strips).

Rainbow Costume 4

Here is a close up of one of the clouds simply because they make me happy. Fortunately, they make my daughter happy too!

Rainbow Costume 5

And my daughter’s face is the sun itself! Her crown is made using glitter foam cut into rays and hotglued to a yellow satin headband.

I’ll share some more pictures on Halloween of all three kids together in costume. Penny is wearing a costume that I made years ago for Timothy. Timothy’s request was pretty simple and only required a couple of store bought accessories. I’ll be back with those pics before you know it!