Who Are You?

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Sizzix is running a fun new promotion called “Who are you?” You can read all about the campaign here. To enter the contest, you need to share a picture of yourself, your favorite Sizzix creation, and three words that best describe you. Click here to enter.

The Grand Prize Winner wins a trip to Sizzix for him/her and a friend. The Top 12 entrants win $100 Sizzix gift cards. The Top 12 will be chosen by January 15, 2014 and the Grand Prize Winner will be announced February 2014.

Here’s who I am!

portrait by penny

Here is a picture of me as seen through my 4 year old daughter’s eyes.  I actually have the average number of fingers and toes though.  But she’s right on with the flower. I love gardening.  If you want to see an actual photo of me, here you go:


Personally, I think her portrait of me is so much more fun and it makes me smile.  It’s definitely a keeper.

I think my favorite Sizzix project to date might be my Trending Chevrons quilt.  It’s really hard to say though because I love so many of them!  But I particularly love the fabrics in this quilt and had a great time playing around with the layout.  You can click here for the tutorial.

Trending Chevron Quilt

It’s awfully hard to describe who I am in just three words.  After a quick poll of my loved ones, I’ve settled on these:


Peppermint Patty Addict


Because I am on the Sizzix Design Team, I am allowed a bit of a cheat and can include a bio here to so I can expand on what I said above! Growing up, I was an introvert, a creative child who spent every free moment making something, and an excellent student. I’m really very much that same person now. I went on to study Art History in college and graduate school and had a career as a museum collections curator for a number of years prior to staying home with my children. I managed museum collections; cataloging, arranging for loans, and bringing out objects for students to study.  I loved the detailed work, the research, and the hours of quiet work among beautiful objects. For a period of time, when I was particularly focused on my art studies, I spent less time creating art. Once at home with the kids, I realized that I needed to pick it up again because as much as I love my children and feel blessed to be home with them, there is a part of me that needs to create and well, do my own thing. Sewing has fit the bill because it is easy to pick up and put down as the obligations of home demand. I’ve discovered a love of modern traditionalism and paper piece pattern design.  I helped found the Seacoast Modern Quilt Guild and am the current President.  Lucky for me, I have a very supportive husband who supports my creativity.  Heck, he has even taken up making hand turned seam rippers.  In addition to sewing, I like to garden and cook and am a Girl Scout leader for my daughter’s Brownie troop.

I hope you will share a bit of who you are too and enter for a chance to win!