And 5 more makes 49!

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Mosaic BlockToday I am sharing the last 5 blocks of my mosaic quilt!  I am a little sad to be calling it quits but this will give me a nice 7 x 7 layout and I am starting to run out of fussy cuts that I really like in my stash and I don’t want to settle.  I had to make this block with the little girl swinging because I loved swinging as a child.  I still love to swing when my kids allow me a turn.

Mosaic BlockHere is another garden themed block.  The little lady in the center is watering her flowers.  The next border has roses and the blue is a garden text.  I made this block because the other gardening block with the blue jumped out a bit in my layout so I wanted another one to balance it.  It also reminds  me of the nursery rhyme, “Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”  I used to slightly modify that rhyme to taunt my sister when we we girls.  Her name is Erin Mary.  Just insert that into the rhyme and say it in a mocking way and it will drive a younger sister nuts.

Mosaic Block

This block is clearly school themed!  We have colored pencils, handwriting practice and rulers!

Mosaic BlockAnd here is yet another tea themed block!  I love this tea pot though with the little raspberries.  I framed it in what reminds me of a tea stained lace tablecloth, then a tea text print and a berry print to coordinate with the berries in the fussy cut.

Mosaic Block

I cut into my precious linen Sleeping Beauty by Heather Ross for the center of this block.  She is framed with lace, because she is a princess after all, and then a text print to suggest the fairy tale story.  The flowers are there because it is just such a sweet floral print and matched!

I have a little more work to do on those school auction pillows but I hope to find time to play with the layout of these blocks soon.