It’s Finished!

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Mosaic Quilt

My mosaic paper pieced quilt is finished!  I finished it a couple of nights ago but then we had another major snow and sleet storm.  Right now we have at least a foot and a half of snow along the side of our barn where I usually take my pictures.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to get a picture because I couldn’t manage the ladder, etc. with that depth of snow.  Thankfully, my husband is working at home today and I offered him a trade.  If he would take pictures for me while I was hosting the second grade Valentine’s Day party at the school, I’d come home and bake Snickerdoodles for him.  He had to use snowshoes but he did it!  I love the way he mimicked all my normal shots too.  It makes me smile.

I have said enough about this quilt as I was sewing it so I don’t have much more to say.  I did add a border, as I mentioned in my last post and I love it.  It brings the quilt to about 54″ square.


I used one of the prints from Catnap for the binding and Circles and Text in Blue from Adventures for the backing.  I struggled with the quilting and decided to just do a diagonal grid which I think was taking the easy way out, the safe route.  Ann, one of my readers, suggested a chevron design and even sketched it out for me.  I debated it for quite awhile but I was nervous about adding another pattern when I already had a primary and secondary design here, struggling to maintain order in a really scrappy, colorful quilt.  Please keep making suggestions though Ann!  Maybe next time I will be more brave.

mosaic quilt


Here’s the blowing in the wind shot.  See, he got all my normal views!

Mosaic Quilt


And here is one last one showing all that snow!