Little Lady

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Little Lady Paper Pieced Block by Amy Friend

The Cocorico Bee has just started our second round!  We make paper pieced blocks for eachother based on a theme chosen by the “queen bee.”  This month, Erin chose sewing machines as her theme with an emphasis on vintage machines. She shared a picture of a Little Lady sewing machine and it stole my heart! It’s a 1950 child’s sewing machine and it is so adorable.

little lady image

This is an image of the machine shared with permission from Thoughtful Vintage on Etsy. When I first looked at the images of this machine, I thought it was a cherry red color but after looking a bit more, I see that it was described as pink and some of the machines were lighter in other photos and did appear more pink. Call my cherry red version, artistic license.

Little Lady Pattern by Amy Friend

I had so much fun designing and sewing this block for Erin. I finished it up as a pdf pattern and you can find it in my Craftsy and Etsy shops. It does have a fair number of pieces but it is very doable–just expect it to take a few hours to put together.