Oakshott Colourshott Diamond Runner

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Oakshott Colourshott Diamond Runner by Amy Friend

I’ve had so much fun with this project! Every time I get to work with Oakshott, it is such a gift. The fabrics are so deep and beautiful and they have this amazing sheen that just sets them apart from regular quilting cottons. This always makes me hesitant to make the first cut because I want to make sure I am going to like the outcome. It took me awhile to mull over what I wanted to do with the 10″ squares of Oakshott Colourshott but I think the time spent thinking was worth it. I love the finished runner.

Oakshott Colourshott Diamond Runner by Amy FriendI used a paper pieced block of my own design to make diamonds that appear to be improv pieced.  Why paper piece then instead of improv piecing?  Well, that’s a good question. I certainly could have done it that way but I sort of wanted each diamond to be broken up the same way to create a bit of a pattern in my design.  Also, because I had mapped out how I was breaking up each diamond, I was able to cut way back on fabric waste.  When I improv piece, I waste a lot fabric and I wasn’t going to waste any of my Oakshott!

Oakshott Colourshott Diamond Runner by Amy Friend

I asked for quilting suggestions on Instagram. I knew I wanted to densely quilt in the Kona Putty background sections. I was thinking of simple straight line quilting at the time.  I have Jess to thank for suggesting this quilting design that mimics the piecing. I used my free motion quilting foot and straight line quilted as straight as I could to create triangular sections filled with matchstick quilting.  She had such a great idea…thanks Jess!

Oakshott Colourshott Diamond Runner by Amy Friend

I bound the runner with an Anna Maria Horner print that is two tone in the pinkishy plum colors that are prevalent in this Oakshott collection.

If you are looking to purchase Oakshott, you can get on the mailing list to be notified of sales, etc. by going here. One of my sponsors, Marmalade Fabrics, also offers a collection of Oakshott Fabrics in her shop.

I have been asked if I will provide a pattern for this design and yes, I will, as soon as I can get it all together.