Welcoming Massdrop

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I’m happy to welcome Massdrop as a new sponsor for During Quiet Time.  I wrote a post about Massdrop before, when I reviewed the Oliso iron for them. You can find it here.
Basically, Massdrop works like this.  People can suggest items that they would like to buy and then vote on suggested items. If there is enough interest, the buyer for Massdrop negotiates with the company for a discount based on selling a certain number of items. Then the item is listed on Massdrop where the bulk discount is passed on to the consumer. The more people who buy, the lower the price.
I have joined in on two group buys so far. In one case, I bought Pat Bravo’s collection of Aurifil thread at a great savings. Most recently, I purchased my favorite Superior needles in size 80 and 90. I have been oh so tempted by other items too.  Right now there is a Far Far Away fabric bundle available and a group of quilting patterns by Elizabeth Hartman. Check them out here.Sarah Rosenberg was recently hired as Massdrop’s Quilting and Crafting “buyer.” She is also a quilter and interested in building up a quilting community on Massdrop. She’d like to encourage you to create and vote on polls so that the items she pursues are those that you really want. She is available to answer questions or respond to feedback on the site and is also the person behind “Massdrop” on Instagram. Make sure to follow her there!

Welcome Massdrop!