National Sewing Month

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Nat Sewing and Quilting Heart Banner-08

It’s National Sewing and Quilting Month and the Fat Quarter Shop is celebrating with a free heart pattern and a challenge to bloggers.  First, for the pattern.  You can download Color of My Heart for free right here.  I know that there are lots of heart lovers out there so I expect it will be popular.


Now, for the challenge. First off, bloggers were asked to fill in the blank, “I love quilting because….”  Well, the first things that popped into my mind such as “it keeps me sane” and “it satisfies my creativity” were already taken so I kept thinking.  I decided that one thing I love about quilting is that it justifies my stash!  I love fabric. I love collecting fabric.  And when you quilt, it makes sense to have a stash!  You constantly need just the right text print, or just the right textured solid, etc.  After all, this view, cluttered as it may seem, gives me so much pleasure.

Studio Spotlight 2

Yes, you won’t find me folding my fabric on comic book boards.  I like to feel free to rummage and pull things out.  Believe it or not, while it might not look organized, I know where everything is!

We have also been asked to answer some questions.

FQS:  How did you start quilting/sewing?

My mom taught me to sew when I was a little girl. The first project that I can remember was a hand stitched felt Pooh bear made when I was about five.  I went on to learn to sew simple garments and made lots of baby clothes and simple skirts.  When I was married, my mom and I collaborated on my wedding dress.  I always thought that quilting sounded appealing and as a Little House on the Prairie fan, loved the romantic notion of sitting by the fire sewing nine patches.  But it wasn’t till I was at home with my children, after leaving my museum work, that I started reading blogs and getting into modern quilting.  I have been quilting for about 5-6 years.

FQS:  When was the first time you knew that you were a quilter/sewer?

I think that since I started sewing when I was so young, it has always played some role in my life.  It was a skill like cooking that just grew as I got older.  But I guess I knew I was a quilter when I decided I needed a dedicated sewing space in our house and turned our sunroom into my sewing room.

FQS:  Do you have any sewing/quilting horror storied or faux pas?

Sorry to be boring but not really.   I have had my share of annoyances like chain piecing only to find that my bobbin thread has run out or catching my quilt backing up in the quilting and needing to rip stitches but that’s about it.

FQS:  What advice would you give to someone who’s just starting out in sewing/quilting?

I would suggest that you select projects that will teach you new skills.  And I also think that you need to become good friends with your seam ripper. It is important to take the time to rip out those mistakes and try again. It’s how we improve.

Tova by Amy Friend
And finally, the FQS asked us to make something we had never made before or using a new technique, etc.  I make clothes for my daughters but rarely for myself. I think it’s mostly because, until just recently, the selection of garment fabrics was so poor!  I decided to make myself a Tova and used a double gauze which I have never sewn on before.

I discovered that I love working with the double gauze!  It’s so nice for garment making because it has a little give so it makes easing a breeze.  It also feels so nice and soft. I love it and plan to use it again.  I am short, only 5 feet tall, so I always need to adjust patterns which is another reason I avoid sewing for myself.  But this worked out pretty well. I shortened the length by 2 1/2″ and the sleeves by about 1″.  I might adjust the width at the hips a little bit if I make another.

Tova by Amy Friend

And to leave you with a laugh, I tried to take a picture of myself wearing the shirt. I think I am glad that I usually sew quilts because this is ridiculous.