Janome Walking Foot Guide Fix

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Janome Walking Foot Guide Fix by Amy Friend

I have been working on my straight line/crosshatch quilting and am constantly frustrated by my Janome walking foot guide.  It will not stay put.  The bulk of the quilt easily loosens it and the metal piece holding the bar is so thin that it bends easily and further loosens the guide.  My solution has been to tape the foot in place.  In this instance though, I wanted to adjust the spacing of my lines so I was constantly taking the tape off and replacing it and going nuts.  Apparently, I was complaining a lot because it got my husband’s attention.  We started talking about solutions and I mentioned that it would be good to have some sort of rubber piece with a hole in it that I could slide onto the bar.  He immediately thought of O rings and ran to the hardware store to get some.  We found that doubling up on the rings adds to the stability.  Slide two O rings onto the bar. Put the bar in place.  Slide two more O rings onto the bar and snug them up as close as possible.  It’s not a perfect solution but it is so much better than tape!