Free Motion Quilting For Beginners-Book Review

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Molly Hanson has authored a book called Free Motion Quilting For Beginners; and those who think they can’t. Molly is on the ThermOWeb design team with me and asked if she could forward me a pdf version of her book to review.

I think that this is a great book that offers exactly what claims to offer.  It’s a book for those just beginning to free motion quilt on a domestic machine who are worried that they can’t do it and need a push. If that describes you, you will be encouraged by Molly throughout the book to give it a try. I have been free motion quilting on my domestic machine for about 5 years now so I don’t place myself in the beginner category but remember well what it was like for me learning. I agree with many of the tips that Molly passes on about practice, proper machine placement, basting, and the difference between practicing on small samples and on an actual quilt with size, bulk and weight. She has a comprehensive section about the dreaded subject of tension and some good trouble shooting tips as well. I disagree with her on the subject of quilting gloves. She doesn’t care for them while I find that they help me immensely! I mentioned this to her at market, where I had the pleasure of meeting her, and she agrees that she is probably in the minority here. She blames it on the hot Florida temperatures.  I certainly don’t have the same trouble here in New England!  I like that she doesn’t recommend lots of unnecessary tools or accessories for free motion quilting. Likewise, I don’t feel the need for lots of quilting gadgets so I was happy to see that she expressed the same opinion.

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In addition to the “how to” information discussed above, Molly also includes some quilted projects in her book. They are good for the person who wants to practice quilting and needs a reason, a project, and some guidance. There are some pouches and bags and a couple of larger quilts too. My favorite project is the Chipped Plates Placemat project. I think it is the most creative!

The forward is written by Angela Walters, a friend of Molly’s. If you are familiar with Angela’s quilting books, I think you will find that Molly has a similar “go for it,” “be fearless” spirit and is a cheerleader for those giving free motion quilting a shot. The book makes free motion quilting seem very approachable and possible. I think it will give you the feeling that you can do it and are ready to give it a try.

The book is already available for sale. You can purchase a copy right here.

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