Little House on the Prairie Sew Along; Musical Notes

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Lily with musical notes
Can you remember way back to the beginning of the sew along?  I warned you that we were designing the blocks as we read the Little House series and that the goal was 2-3 blocks per book but that we reserved the right to go back at the end and add a block from an earlier book.  Well, we did just that!  The last book of the series ends on a very sad note (no pun intended). Laura and Almanzo lose their infant son and shortly after, their house burns to the ground.  We didn’t want to design a block around either of those subjects.  In The First Four Years, they acquire a flock of sheep but we already have a sheep block. They lose wheat crops but we already have a wheat block.  Indians visited…but we already have the Indian feather block.  As you can see, many of the blocks could work for many of the books because the subjects come up over and over again. I suggested that we try to think of another subject like that and we came up with music.  Laura grew up to the sounds of her Pa’s fiddle.  Later, she spends her teaching money on an organ for Mary.  And finally, she and Almanzo go to singing lessons while they are courting.



I couldn’t design the block and be happy with it without paper piecing but Lily was eager to try since she always sees me paper piecing.  We made our block using that method.  But you can try templates if you are opposed to paper piecing or think it would be too frustrating for the child you are sewing with.  Or, you could applique.

The paper piecing foundation can be downloaded here.

The templates can be downloaded here.

Note that some pieces will need to be taped together since they are so large. The finished blocks are 14 1/2″ for this sew along.

I hope you have enjoyed this sew along!  Lily and I are sad to see it end but eager to put her quilt together in time for the library show next month. We will be sure to share it when it is done.