Sewing Table Gift

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sewing table

My husband made me this beautiful sewing table for Christmas. It wasn’t a surprise because I knew he was working on it and we had discussed the design. However, the fact that it was done by Christmas was a huge surprise to me! I can’t believe he finished it in time! My sewing room is small, which explains the wacky perspective here.

When I was at Quilt Market this spring, I bought at second Janome. It’s a MemoryCraft 8200QC. I had intended for it to take the place of my MemoryCraft 6600 which was going to become my back up machine. I was getting very uncomfortable not having a back up machine with sewing deadlines. I talked to my husband over the phone about adapting my other table for this machine and he thought it could be done until I got the machine and we took a good look at it and the construction of my last table. We decided to build a second table for the new machine and leave the old machine in position. This means that I have zero floor space in my sewing room now but that I have a piecing machine and a quilting machine both set up at once!

2014-12-27 IMGP2428b

He saved joists that were removed from our home during a bathroom renovation a couple of years ago.  He used those to create the legs for this table so they have a great rustic look complete with saw marks and old nail holes.  He is guessing that the joists dated to the early 1900s. He used original cut nails that he had saved from lathe that was removed from part of our house.  He thinks that those are as old as the house, built about 1835.  This reuse is partly due to our Yankee frugality but also we love the aesthetic.

2014-12-27 IMGP2426b

The table top is a double layer with the top cut out around the machine.  My husband wanted to repurpose boards for the table tops too but didn’t have quite enough saved and I refused to allow him to start disassembling the hayloft in the barn!  (This was an actual discussion!)  He used pine and stained it to match the legs which are an aged fir.

2014-12-27 IMGP2418bI tried out my machine for the first time yesterday and am loving it so far!  It is quilting well and the thread cutter is so smooth and quiet!  From this machine, I can watch the kids as they craft at the dining room table too which is a bonus.  When I want to hide, I will move to the other machine!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!