Necklace Seam Rippers Available

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Hand turned seam ripper necklaces

My husband has completed another batch of his hand turned necklace seam rippers!  These seam rippers are beautifully hand crafted.  He turns each acrylic blank on his old Craftsman lathe into a variety of unique profiles that he has designed.  Then he sands and polishes them until they shine.  The seam rippers are attached to 36″ chrome chains that you can wear like a necklace if you have the tendency to misplace your seam ripper.  They are particularly great for retreats and workshops.  You can also hang it from the  chain for storage.  The seam ripper is held to the chain with a magnet and is easily detached for use.  The video below shows how the necklace seam ripper works.  Disclaimer:  I am not a hand model, can’t stand hearing my own voice, and the noises in the background are the strong winds causing our barn to creak!

If you are interested in purchasing one of these necklace seam rippers, I have listed them in my Etsy shop. If you have been keeping up with the VAT changes and my response to them, you know that I have had to block outside of the US sales from my Etsy shop. I am not sure how to sell the seam rippers outside of the US at the moment and apologize for that. It’s something I am working on a solution to but for now, sale are US only.

Hand turned necklace seam ripper

Right now we only have necklace versions available. In a few weeks, I will list one hand held seam ripper and a small group of new seam rippers that are double ended (seam ripper on one end and stiletto on the other).  All sales are first come/first serve.  Right now we are not taking custom orders because my husband can only make seam rippers from time to time and the custom order list was becoming stressful for both of us.  Thanks for understanding!